Yin Yang Health

by Colin Waddell
(Fort St John, BC, Canada)

My ordeal with stage 4 cancer began in 1999 with the diagnosis. Until then my lifestyle could have been described as ridiculous. I drank too much, was a heavy smoker, ate meat almost exclusively, etc.

Although apparently an idiot, the prospect of dying at 54 did not excite me at all. During/after surgery and a full dose of radiation I blindly took Essiac, (introduced to me by a friend.)

While recovering from the radiation I began to seriously research all aspects of healthy living, (including the healing powers of Essiac.)

It didn't take long to conclude that all traditional medicine is based on the theory of balance. Since I spent a great deal of time studying traditional Chinese medicine, it turns out to be relatively simple. A simplified example is a Chinese physician observing and smelling a patient's urine. Observation gives him information on the protein content while smelling tells him the acidity. With that information he is able to prescribe an herb or substance that will bring the body back into balance.

Modern medicine knows this as the 'Ph' factor. Unfortunately, this is rarely used in diagnosis or remediation, except by naturopaths.
The basic nature of Essiac is a balance of ingredients which are used by the body, as required to re-establish balance, the remainder being eliminated.

My daily routine now consists of morning and evening Ph saliva tests, (litmus strips are cheap and readily available at pharmacies.) Two to three times a week I do a urine test, a double check to ensure that what is going in is coming out in a healthy manner. Charts are easily found on the ‘net showing which foods are acidic and those which are alkaline. If your test strips indicate an acidic saliva, simply reduce your intake of acid rich foods and substitute healthier alkaline products.

Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Good health is pretty much that simple. In a neutral, (balanced) environment, cancer and other afflictions simply do not flourish. Were it not for the pharmaceutical industry and mankind’s apparent natural greed, we could be the healthiest generation in history.

Although my life has been seriously affected and altered by cancer, I have beaten the odds, big time and 12 years later, I’m still on the right side of the sod.

So here is the skinny; yin yang greatly simplified, is balanced interaction. This is essential to good health, physical and mental.
Feel free to contact me for more info on this subject. Understand that I’m not a health care professional and I will not offer specific advice on any medical subject, (protection against lawsuits by the greedy b@st@rds in charge of our medical system.)

Hopefully this will help some of you in some way.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable info!!
by: Michael

As the second born son of this remarkable man I can honestly vouch for the amazing claims about essiac! and dangers of acid overload. This man has endured suffering I can't even imagine and yet I feel it was for a higher purpose! Listen to his advice no matter how bleek your situation may seem, and you to can go on living! I thank you for caring enough to share this valuable first hand knowledge. I intend to invest in my future health and well being immeaditaly. Thanks for the reminder pops!

by: yinyang

Surprise is not quite adequate to describe the response from my son, Michael. I would have expected a phone call or email. This however is even more rewarding. Everyone who has children knows how difficult it can be to get their attention.
You go son! I was happy with my Christmas gifts. You have just added to those, in spades. I hope that others will take this to heart. Skype me tomorrow.
Love, Dad

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