We Are ALL Connected

Ran across these videos and being Martin Luther King Day I thought, "How appropriate"! Just maybe if we all unite in collective consciousness our vision for the future can become reality.

Learning gives you Knowledge about life,
which is only a set of tools
to use to help you move through life.
Wisdom gives you the understanding
to accept lifes lessons and to live within and walk within your own truth.
We are all connected to this Earth.

Momentum has pulled you here.

Lets make a profound change globally.

The first small step is with-in.

Value yourself. It all starts with you. Step forward and take our hands

Thought leads to knowledge and knowledge influences thought.

By connecting with millions we can strengthen our energy so that it can reflect outward.

Mind is reality. Reality is Mind. This is the power of intentional creation.

The events of our life and of the world are feedback of our conscious thought.

Are you open to empowering possibilities?

What do you want to heal?

Your spirit Combined with others for the collective strength of numbers.

Collectively and as a untied force lets reshape reality and transform our lives.

With intentional creation, coming from the heart, benefiting us all.

Do you want to Co create abundance, fulfillment and happiness?

Lets use the power of our mind, to chose our destiny.

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