One of todays most overlooked natural cures is the healing power of water!

Water remedies that foggy feeling when you wake up! Upon rising in the morning head straight for the kitchen and drink a full glass of pure, clean water. Do this before that cup of coffee, hopefully it's tea but regardless, drink that glass of water before your regular morning beverage.

Ever notice that your urine is a darker color in the morning? Dark urine is a sign of dehydration whether it's morning, noon or night. Optimally, urine should be light yellow or straw colored although if you're taking a vitamin B supplement the color may be a bright flourescent yellow as your body excretes the excess it cannot use. If your urine is continnually highly discolored even after rehydrating repeatedly, it is advised that you seek the advise of a physician. Dehydration itself can cause a multitude of symptoms which include headaches, muscle/joint pain, heartburn, fatigue and even depression. Surprised to know that water remedies all this?

More Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Everyone knows that the human body is 60 to 75% water but did you know that the brain is said to be 85% water? That our bones are 10 to 15% water? Knowing this, doesn't it make perfect sense that water is vital in keeping your whole system in balance?

Drinking a full glass of water before meals helps you to feel full so you will be less hungry and improve digestion. So if those hunger pangs or cravings strike...you guessed it! Drink that glass of water!

Water is a natural conducter of energy so when those afternoon yawns hit...yep, a glass of water should do the trick!

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The healing power of water remedies makes perfect sense. Think about it! Our bodies are about 70% water, our lungs are 90% water, our brains are 80% water, our blood 83% and even our bones are 10% water. Every function of our body depends on clean water to operate effectively.

Dehydration is much more common than you would guess. Most people prefer to reach for a can of soda than a glass of water but NOTHING can replace good, clean water for healing. Your body needs to process all the sugar and other substances before it can make any use of the little water content in your alternative beverage.

Water remedies many ailments!

Dehydration can cause a multitude of disease
including many that will surprise you!

back and joint pain
high blood pressure
premature aging
skin problems
and the list could go on and on.

How much healing water should you drink?

A general rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half and that is how many ounces of water you should drink in a day. So if your weight is 150 pounds your water intake should be around 75 ounces per day. The old adage about drinking 8, eight ounce glasses a day is pretty average. Sound like to much? Well, 8, eight ounces glasses is equal to four 16 ounce cans of soda! Spread that out through the day and it really isn't that much when you consider all the benefits of water!

Here's a great home remedy
to restore your bodies ph after being dehydrated.

Mix 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon honey. Add a pinch of salt then fill glass with warm or room temperature water. Chug-a-lug! This is a great hangover remedy too!

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water reflections

Even the surface of our earth is 70% water.
Nothing on our beautiful planet can survive without it!

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