Warts and all...

by Jennifer

No word of a lie. I had over 25 warts on my fingers, all shapes and sizes. It was gross. One day, we were visiting an old, family friend who is a professor at a prestigious school here in Scotland. While he was showing us about the grounds my mum spotted a fig tree. She asked if she could have some and the gentleman had no problem with it so off she went picking. When we got home my mum cracked those bad boys open and put the milk on my warts. I can't remember much else but can gladly say that from then till now I have no trace of a wart! And, for verrucas, my mum takes the wee, middle bit of an onion, puts it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds (it gets super hot so let it cool a wee bit), puts it on a plaster/band-aid and on to the verruca. You leave it over night and voila! I don't really want to describe what it draws out so instead will just tell you that it works! Mama Will knows best...

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