Wart Removal For Dogs

by Janie Thurman
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Original Wart on Dog's Cheek

Original Wart on Dog's Cheek

My Beagle mix has been having wart problems for several years now. They are the cauliflower type that start as a single small bump then blossom into multiple bumps with a center that leaks fluid (with some blood) when she scratches at them. I finally figured out how to remove the worst one on her cheek using Thuja ointment from Boiron. (Unfortunately, Boiron no longer makes this product and neither does anyone else, so I'm making my own using Thuja essential oil mixed into vaseline.)
1. Cut away hair around the wart.
2. Wash wart daily with soap and water, then clean well using a cotton ball/pad soaked in disinfectant (e.g., Bactine).
3. Cover wart with Thuja ointment.
4. Feed the dog 2 droppers of Thuja homeopathic remedy (dissolved in distilled water) every other day.
Treating the wart in the evening increases the number of hours when the dog is asleep and not scratching at the site while it is covered in Thuja ointment.
This is a labor intensive process, and the wart went from 1CM (1/3") in diameter with 5-6 bumps to a barely noticeable single bump in about 6 weeks. When I stopped treatment altogether at this stage, it grew back to it's 1CM size within 3-4 month. I'm going to start again this week and try adding a weekly maintenance treatment after I get the wart down to the tiny single bump again. Will repost with the results with weekly maintenance in a few months - hopefully it will go away completely this time.

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