Vinegar - not best treatment for poison ivy

Vinegar penetrates, therefore causing the poison to penetrate further into the skin... when I treated my poison ivy outbreak with vinegar, the poison settled in my joints... causing arthritic symptoms... I took minerals to help my body process the poison out of my system....

Now, I use baking soda to treat poison ivy.... baking soda 'draws', instead of 'penetrating'... therefore drawing the poison out of the skin...

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by: Anonymous

Vinegar drys out the rash and speed's recovery. Tested by me and works. It also stops the itching when add to a little water and put on the effected area.

vinegar made it worse!
by: Anonymous

I swabbed vinegar and it made it WORSE! I went to cvs and paid 50.oo for zandel and got immediate relief and was halfway dried up. Best 50 investment spent. If I had not messed with the vinegar and several other wasteful topical I would have been able to have it cured in one application

by: Anonymous

I found myself in a worst nightmare last summer when the flora round my new residence burst forth with poison ivy everywhere. Everywhere. I have a history of being highly reactive and still have scars from childhood from poison ivy lesions. I used vinegar/salt spray to kill and denature the vines nearby and applied organic apple cider vinegar topically to affected areas. Worked beautifully.
When poison ivy got in my eyes, I wet a washcloth with vinegar and laid it over my eyelids; breathed it in when it affected my lungs and applied it topically to itching spots. It worked amazingly well and probably saved me from hospitalization.

I used organic cider vinegar and suggest reading the ingredients carefully.
I also drank some organic cider vinegar - figured it wouldn't hurt under the circumstances.

Cider vinegar worked better that white vinegar. Organic cider vinegar worked best. Some vinegars sold as Cider are actually white vinegar with coloring and flavoring:

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