Uses for Winter Herbs


Winter Herbs

Winter Herbs

You know that patch of dried up garden herbs that you never did anything with before winter set in? You know, the ones that you thought just went to waste?

Well there is a simple use for them!

Even though they are dried and wilted they still contain a fair amount of their wonderful essential oils! Go pick a handful of these dried garden herbs, (stems and all) bring them in and simmer them on the stove in a pot of water to give your home a fresh herbal scent!

Lavender, chamomile, oregano, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm or any of the aromatic herbs will work. Unlike toxic, chemical air fresheners many herbs can actually work to clean the air naturally. All of the herbs listed above are antibacterial and some are even antifungal. While lavender and chamomile are relaxing scents, rosemary is a great scent for mental alertness. Have fun, mix and match your favorites.

There's nothing like the scent of simmering herbs on a cold winter day and what a pleasant way to use up those dried up garden herbs!

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