Uses For Goldenrod

Goldenrod - A beautiful and useful

Goldenrod - A beautiful and useful

Goldenrod (Solidago) blooms in early to late fall and right now, here in Minnesota it is abundant!

Though many people think goldenrod is a source of pollen allergies, it is not. Ragweed, the source of most fall allergies, blooms at the same time but since Goldenrod is much more conspicuous, she takes the blame.

All species of goldenrod are edible including the leaves, flowers and roots. You can make an herbal tea from the flowers and leaves and even dry them for winter use.

The medicinal properties of goldenrod include being anti-inflammatory, immune system builder, treats seasonal allergies, a digestive aid, and it's also an excellent kidney tonic which can help with prostrate problems and even frequent urination.

Hebalists use this herb in tincture form and suggest taking up to 4 dropperfuls several times a day.

Susan Weed suggests making a goldenrod vinegar for use on salads, etc. Learn more in her video below...

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