Turmeric Poultice for Pilonidal Cyst

I used a tumeric poultice for a pilonidal cyst for two days and it has made such a difference! Can't believe the improvement. I was using disinfectant and germoline for about two months and noticed no reduction in the pain, bleeding or 'drainage'. Turmeric poultice made remarkable difference in 2 days. Highly recommended.

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Tumeric Blood Purifier
by: HFHR

Your tumeric poultice story is awesome! I hope it keeps working for you.

Taken internally, tumeric is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and purifies the blood and liver. It also strengthens digestion, improves intestinal flora, aids in digestion of protein, and treats gas, colic and jaundice. It's also used for pain relief both internally and externally.

As a relative of ginger, tumeric can also be blood thinning. Use in moderation and check with the doc before ingesting any herb medicinally especially if you are on other medications.

Keep us informed on how the tumeric poultice is working for that pilonidal cyst and best wishes!

Pilonidal - update
by: Nestor

My cyst has started weeping again so I'm back on the turmeric! It's definitely worse this time than it was before - so I'm interested to see if I have the same success as last time. Thanks for your encouragement and additional info. I'm so impressed by the numerous healing benefits of turmeric that I try to incorporate it into my diet as much as possible.

Update to follow! :)

Using Turemic
by: Anonymous

It is very easy to use Turemic in your daily diet. You can add it directly to soups, broths, stews, and gravies. You can use it to add colour to your rice and pasta and even to add flavour to mashed potatoes.

Taking it direct is no big problem either, simply use a spatula to mix a teaspoon of Turemic with some runny honey and then spread it on a slice of ham. Fold the ham up into a pacel and then a quick chew and it goes down nicely with a glug of milk.

Maybe, you can get the right balance for using it in your vegetable smoothies.

One thing is true, you do get used to the taste and texture over time which makes taking it a lot easier.

Trader Joe's Ginger Turmeric Tea
by: Anonymous

I LOVE this tea so much I'm worried I may turn yellow! Ok, not really. But it's a great way to get them into your diet and I am about to wrap a wet bag of it, after steeping, on my finger with a deep sliver and swollen with pus. ech

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