Tumeric and honey poultice

by Maria Elena
(Los Angeles, CA)

I recently had a breast biopsy and two weeks later, I noticed the incision site was hot, red and painfull. I realized it was infected. It was Saturday night, I didn't want to go to an emergency room or really take antibiotics for that matter.

I remembered about poultices. I googled and came up with this site. after reading people's stories, I had a flash of insight: Mix
tumeric with raw
honey as the binding agent.

That's what I did, and covered it with a large bandage, slept with it. Next day, it hurt worse, there was a huge bump, I knew it was coming to a head. I rinsed and did it again in the morning.

That evening, I was leaning over the bathtub edge, bathing my child and felt the pressure. Getting up, I noticed bloody, pus on my bra - the sucker was oozing.
I got in the shower and gently pressd around the wound until it all came out and the liquid was clear.

I applied more poultice (three times now in 24 hours) and went to bed. The next day, I could tell the infecton was gone, I was able to cover it with a small band-aid, and its all healing nicely now.


Thank You. I hope this helps.

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