Topical salve for Staph-33 Impetigo

by Monty dba Wellness Enterprise

It is caused by a staph-type bacteria; scabs always rapidly burst (then the body will want to naturally scab it over again).

Olive oil, Tea Tree oil, and Myrrh tincture; I added Clary Sage tincture (helps heal severe dermatological staph infections, and Neem (strengthens immunity 33433444/bacterial killer / heals skin and more), with Coconut oil (an emollient), Aloe and pure bees wax with a little Xanthan Gum to bind it all into a gel.

A miniscule amount of Manuka put in the topical (little space left in the 1 oz jar).

The INGESTIBLE (I like to always attack from the inside as well as the outside) contained Japanese Knotwood, Sarsparilla (saponins synergize) with mostly Manuka honey (16 K Factor) in 1 oz dropper bottle.

All substances in a "bioactive/pH-balanced" single-file molecular structure for quick cellular-level absorption.

Normal self before not quite 24 hours; clear complexion in days.

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