Toby and Charcoal

by anne
(wigan uk )

my beautiful boy

my beautiful boy

My shih tzu, Toby, had been on antibiotics for weeks for an upset tummy. After his 3rd lot my vet said she was going to open him up (her words) to see what was going on. I took him home gave him Braggs charcoal, one a day, and within hours I noticed the difference. Within days he was back to normal. I now give him charcoal for gas, they are miraculous! Not just Braggs charcoal but any from the herbal shop!!!

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Activated Charcoal for Dogs
by: HFHR

What a great story, Anne! You not only healed your sweet little Toby with inexpensive activated charcoal but you saved yourself hundreds of dollars and your little dog a lot of misery.

It really makes you wonder. Are our doctors and veterinarians truely ignorant of these simple remedies or are they just in the business of "healing" for the money?

Help on how to administer
by: Cindy

Can you tell me how you gave it to him? Pill, liquid, in a treat on his food. And how much. My shitzu is 16 pounds

Charcoal for dogs
by: Jodi

I think most charcoal capsules you buy are around 500 mg. 250 would be fine also but 500 won't hurt a 16 lb dog. Just don't give him the capsule within 2 hours of any medication because the activated charcoal will absorb that also. Good luck!

Thank you
by: Cindy

Thank you!

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