the miracle of turmeric

by cresencia Y. zablan

I had an ovarian cancer in the year 2008 and chemoed on the year 2009. After my chemotherapy i was asked to have and MRI every year for monitoring any cancer cell recurrence. For the past 3 years of MRI the cystic lesion on my liver is always there and never gone down. So I searched the internet to help me for the cystic lession to disappear. I searched that luyang dilaw or turmeric is good for the liver.So i boiled 5 pcs. of luyang dilaw in a 3 glass of water and used to drink it morning afternoon and even at night for 1 year. When my MRI comes on dec 2013 I was very happy that the cystic lession in my liver had gone down. So i continue to drink the luyang dilaw boiled in water everyday until now.I thank god for the miracle that he gave me for giving me this miraculous herbs to heal my cystic lession on my liver. Everytime I encountered a person with liver problem I used to tell my story about how luyang dilaw or turmeric help my liver to be health.

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