The Dangers Of Using Microwave Ovens

It's a known fact that using microwave to heat up food has negative effects on the human body. Listen to Dr. Group explain the dangers of using microwaves to heat up your food.

Obviously, the dangers of microwave radiation are very real. These devices can cause a variety of health problems in humans. Here are just a few of the possible health effects² related to microwave ovens:

*Microwave ovens turn some minerals into cancerous agents.
*Foods from a microwave can cause tumors in the stomach or intestine. This may be an explanation for the increased rate of colon cancer in America.
*Regularly eating microwaved foods can cause an increase in cancerous cells in human blood.
*The radiation dangers involved with microwaved food can cause decreased immune system function in humans.
*There is even a mental danger to eating foods from a microwave. Regularly doing so can cause memory loss, emotional problems, and a decrease in intelligence.
*A steady diet of microwave-cooked food can cause your body to shut down its hormones production.

Microwave Radiation is a very serious concern that many people will overlook in order to maintain their toxic paces. Many people have not even heard of the threat of microwave cooking and heating. That doesn't make it any less harmful. In fact, that makes it all the more insidious because there are people in key positions who could bring these dangers to the forefront. As it happens, they don't. So, once again, we must look to ourselves to seek out the answers to make the best decisions that we can. We have the indicators that we need when you consider these: if it's not safe for infants and hospitals, the rest of us should steer clear of it too.

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