The best herbal supplements for stress/depression/moods.

by RedHawk



The best herbal supplements for stress/depression/moods:
Check your local health stores for:

1.Rhodiola rosea adaptogen:
Canadian product.For stress,mood,depression,sustained energy,sharp mind.Side effects: if you take it too late during the day you'll have hard time to fall asleep.No other side effects,only slows you down like fired submarine torpedo.This product is a good alternative for coffee to sustain energy thru the day.The best effect is to take 2 pills on a empty stomach in the morning and wait 30 minutes. Then eat your breakfast. Don't take after 2pm unless you're doing night shift.

2.Purica Ashwagandha -mostly for stress.I take after my body is exhauted from labour work.Side effects: some people get headaches,affect thyroid,make you gain weight mostly in muscles.

3.Holy basil tea from India.Good before bed time to calm you down.

4.Can Prev Magnesium glycinate.For migraines,headaches,irritablility,depression,PMS,weak bones.
Check the magnesium miracle book.

5.Organic traditions schisandra berry or mountain rose herbs schisandra -Usa grown has best quality.This product is good for liver protection(stomach pain so probiotic HCP 70),isomnia and sweats at night when you can't sleep.Also is calming for the brain.Chinese origin schizandra have poor quality in my opinion.I tested few.Quality product costs money.

6.Botanica Super Astragalus +Schizandra liquid pills.For frequent colds,immunity and stress.

I have tested these above and they work very well.

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stress books
by: Anonymous

Great books about stress:

-Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
by James Wilson amazon
-Syndrome S - Daniel Crisafi

several good produits for stress/moods
by: Anonymous

Very good products with a blend of adaptogen herbs that help the body.

Veeva stress
CanPrev Adrenal pro
Pure Encapsulations Phyto-ADR

Other good products.
by: healthysys

A.Vogel Passion flower for anxiety/stres/isomnia good at night tincture.

Avena force - avena sativa oats tincture for nerves. Works very well.

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