Tainted Honey


I know most of you reading this realize that purchasing local honey is the best choice in most cases. Here's a couple more reasons to reinforce that decision...

1. Most countries have banned imported honey from China and India yet 1/3 of honey on Amercian shelves is likely to have been smuggled in! The reason for the ban in Europe and other countries is with good reason. Honey from China and India can contain illegal antibiotics and high levels of heavy metals from lead lined storage containers. Doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?

2. A large portion of honey on the grocery store shelves has been "ultra-filtered". This filterization process removes the beneficial pollen, wax and enzymes essentially leaving you with a jar of dead honey. Much of this "ultra filitration" honey comes once again, from China or India. The reasoning behind the filitration is to remove the pollen which can be used to trace the honey to a geographic location!

You can read more about this tainted honey at
Food Saftey News.

This article says "The U.S. imported 208 million pounds of honey over the past 18 months."

The question remains...Why the hell are we importing honey when we are fully capable of producing our own?

Please make your next honey purchase from a local beekeeper! Even though it might be slightly more expensive, your health and your community are worth it!

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