Sumac tincture.

by Scott

hello, my wife and I are just getting into tincture making. Both of us are researching medicinal values of different herbs and plants. I came across sumac teas and some tinctures of sumac, but nothing stating is hat the best part of the sumac to use? I have a great patch of stag horn sumac growing on my property and have a large supply of sumac berries. Some posts make mention of bark and leaves also.
Also what would dosage be once the tincture is done?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Scott & Trish.

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My Sumas Tincture
by: Jodi

I've made sumac tincture with the berries only. I picked them in the fall after a dry spell and use the tincture for sinus problems. As far as dosage, I use a dropperful as needed. Hope this helps!

Sumac tincture response
by: nivm

I have made several tinctures over the years, with Sumac being one of them. You can make a tincture from the berries, leaves and inner bark. I usually separate the different parts to soak them in the alcohol, berries in one jar, leaves in another and inner bark in another, then you can mix them together after soaking if you wish. When I say inner bark, I mean the layer of bark just under the outer part of the park and the inner wood, that's the part you want to harvest. You can do this if you are trimming the branches of the Sumac, and save the branches you cut off for the inner bark. Sumac is a strong medicine and relatively safe. As for dosage, as with any new herb you are experimenting with, to be safe, start small, say a few drops under the tongue and see how you do. If no bad reaction, increase dosage if you wish. Usually a good dose is 1 or 2 dropperfuls 3x a day under the tongue or added to a tea or water, and a strong dose I would say would be 3-5 dropperfuls 3 or more times a day. The dosage also depends on how strong the tincture is as well, the stronger the tincture the less you have to use. Hope this helps.

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