String bean salad

by Audrey
(Mechanicsville, pa)

Enjoy this salad all summer when lemon balm is growing like crazy.
1 lb fresh green beans
1 large red oinion
1/2cup extra virgin olive oil
Fresh ground pepper
Wash string beans & trim one end(leave the tails on)
Cut smaller if you like. I prefer them whole. Bring a 6quart pot
Of water to a boil.throw beans in. As soon as it returns
To a boil and beans turn brite green drain. Rinse w/cold water
Add ice to quick chill. Dry slightly in towels put in fridge to chill .
Chop red oinion and 1cup of tender lemon balm leaves. When
Beans are chilled pour oil on add more if needed. Toss
Beans, onion shredded, lemon balm, salt&pepper to taste. Enjoy!
I make this the night before and eat it for several days . So
Much bedder next day. Ideal for traveling as it holds up well.,
Perfect lunch with some hemp hearts on top.

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