Sore Throat Remedy Tea

by tara
(united states)

the ingredients and my tea

the ingredients and my tea

I am the one to always get sore throats in my family; from strep to just allergies. I hate to keep taking medicines that don't work or to take a million cough drops that also don't work. I went online to see if there was an easier way or cheaper way to calm my sore throats. I did find that ginger and honey take a part in helping to calm your throat and lemon juice breaks up the mucus stuck from the draining.

I didn't want to go for any herbs or other things of the manner because they can be hard to find or sometimes can be expensive. I decided that i would make something that is cheap and in most kitchens. I did come up with something that helped my throat,it was easy to make, easy to find and tasted yummy. It's a tea, i posted this on another home remedy site and got positive feedback, everyone said that it did work and tasted good.

Sore Throat Remedy Tea Ingredients:
-green tea bags
-White tea blueberry and pomegranate tea bags(optional)
-honey or blue agave syrup(healthier)
-fresh mint or mint extract(optional)
-lemon juice
-ground ginger
-cough drops

I made mine in smaller servings(16oz. of water)
-boil or heat up 2 cups of water and add tea bags
-add as much honey and sugar as you want
-add 1 tsp of lemon juice
-a few dashes of salt
-a few dashes of ground ginger
-add 1/4 tsp or less of mint
-add a cough drop to dissolve in the tea

Enjoy hot or cold and drink a lot of this!!!
Drink it twenty-four-seven
you could even freeze this and enjoy as popsicles!

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