Soaking your feet in vinegar is wonderful!

by Kris

I come home everyday with sore feet so I tried soaking them in vinegar. All I had was plain white vinegar and I just glugged some in a tub of warm water. I didn't care for the smell but my feet felt wonderful and the smell didn't last long. I'll be trying this again!

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by: Gerda S.

Ordinary vinegar and its many uses is a remedy I remember from my childhood and use on my children as well. The best one: when sick with a fever I wrap the feet of the patient in linen rags (bits of old sheets/tea towels) dipped in a water/vinegar mix, wringing them out first, then top off with a pair of thick socks. The water/vinegar mix can be cold - feels absolutely wonderful, promotes sleep and the patient wakes up refreshed and better.
Second-best: a few tablespoons in a basin as a rinse after a hairwash which in my early days was mostly done with soap; it gets rid of any remnant soap or shampoo and leaves the hair smooth and shiney.

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