Severe pain? Migraine or cluster headaches? I got the cure!

by Kelly Watkins
(St. Paul, MN)

Ginger and Fruit juice cured my cluster headaches.....ever since I have been drinking ginger root and fresh squeezed fruit juice together 3-4 times a week my cluster headaches have vanished!! For three years (ever since I've been juicing) I have not had one single cluster headache!!

I have a Jack Lalaine's power juicer and juice fresh ginger root with either oranges, apples, carrots, or grapes; I just cut a 3/4 of an inch of ginger (you can cut a 1/2 inch piece if you don't like too much spice). It adds a very pleasant kick to your juice....(it reminds me of the spiced jelly beans that they use to make) Its very delicious! If I was a doctor I would recommend that all my patients (especially those in chemotherapy - its great for controlling nausea and pain) get a good juicer with lots of ginger root.

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