Recycling Christmas


Recycling Christmas

Recycling Christmas

I started thinking about recycling Christmas when I ran out of recycled bows while wrapping presents tonight and it made me think of how much waste there is at Christmas time. I do recycle any bows or gift bags I receive even though it is a pain to store them. I can't imagine how many bows alone go into the land fills every year. What a waste!

A couple things I've mentioned above and an idea a friend gave me is to save all the Christmas cards I get, cut off the cover and use it for a gift tag next year. Great idea!

Another idea is if you really need/want new Christmas decorations go check out second hand stores or antique stores. These stores are teeming with discarded but quality Christmas décor at this time of year. When you shop at places like the Salvation Army Thrift Stores your also supporting a great non-profit organization to boot! Face it, the media tells us we're supporting the economy when actually the majority of this stuff is "Made in China" and meant to be disposable. And you and I both know where it will be next year!

Please, please, share your ideas on recycling Christmas...I/we really want to know!

I wish you all much abundance this holiday season and throughout the new year!

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