Raw Garlic for Toothaches Video

Raw garlic sliced lengthwise and held against the afficted tooth can relieve pain. There are precautions though....

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garlic works for toothache
by: painfree

Yes the raw garlic burns but not like an unbearable spicy Tobasco pepper burn. And it definitively works to relieve toothache pain. My tooth was due for an extraction, but I kept putting off the procedure. Now the infection was setting in with an earache to match. I had heard that garlic was a natural antiseptic, so before even viewing this video I applied the raw garlic to the affected tooth and with in 5 minutes the pain subsided. Give it a try.

It works
by: Anonymous

Having dental work, temporary filling became very painful, used strong pain killers worked to a degree but I don't like taking heavy duty drugs. So I used raw garlic & yes it burns, but works quickly. Your video got me thinking about the connection between teeth & decisions, & I realised I have big decision to make, I want to retire from working but am fearful of where money will come from. I need to trust & go with what I want.

Garlic relieved many Toothaches
by: Crystal

I have used raw Garlic for my toothaches since I became interested in herbal remedies. I have had terrible toothaches, abscesses and other dental issues over the years and I usually ate, in excess, an anti-inflammatory or other pain reliever to help ease the pain. The past few months I discovered using raw garlic as a way to alleviate the pain and swelling. I no longer take any other medication for my toothaches because although the garlic does burn, it not only relieves the pain and swelling, it fights off the infection that is causing the problem. I peel and slice a little raw garlic and then chew the garlic and cover all around the infected tooth. I think it is pulling out the infection because my mouth will start to water and a foamy like mucus starts to fill my mouth. I am not sure though, just a thought. I make sure not to swallow any of the fluid and after about 10 minutes, I rinse my mouth with water and my toothache will be gone and the swelling is down. Thank you for sharing this information as it may help many people.

Raw Garlic Works Better
by: Agnes

I had spend the last five days in such pain. I have an abscess on that tooth. I have been taking penicillin and Vicodin for the pain. It got so bad I started getting pain in my wrists, my knees, my neck, and my ankles. They started hurting so bad I could not get up and walk. Sunday Morning I was desperate so I did a search for toothaches. I saw this and I remember a long time ago my mother told me to do this with garlic. So I send my husband to the store to buy peeled garlic, I followed her instructions, I had to do it twice yes it burned but the burning sensation was a welcome change to the terrible pain I had. I also had a decision of trust to make. I made my committed decision to trust God. This morning is Monday I can walk and get to a Dentist to do a root canal and get all the pain behind me. Thank you for your help. You are right about the raw garlic and decisions....

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