Poultice for horse with strangles

by michelle grene
(león spain)

I have a 2-year-old gelding with strangles and I wanted to know how I could apply a poultice on his jaw and between his ear and eye. Another consideration would be what the best poultice is.

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Activated charcoal poultice
by: Jodi

Hi Michelle,
I assume you are seeking professional veterinary help as strangles is highly infectious and dangerous to horses...

On that note, I think an activated charcoal poultice would be very beneficial addition to whatever your vet is doing. The question is how to hold it in place. Maybe your vet would have some ideas but I would definitely give it a try.

Here's a great source to buy activated charcoal and get more information....



And you might get some ideas here on how to apply it...


I wish you the best of luck in restoring your horses health!

PS: You can also find AC at any pet store that sells aquariums to be used for poultices though you may have to grind it to a finer powder.

If you have to order it you can try a plantain poultice in the meantime. (Do you have plantain is Spain?) You'll have to pick a large quanitity then crush the leaves before applying.

by: Anonymous

A good poultice is "Animalintex" I'v used it and it's very efficient.It's mainly used on horses but I found it very good on a cyst.

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