plantar wart removal and skin infections

by Vicky

Years ago, when my daughter was a child, i used metholade or even i guess called mecuricom (anyways it is red when bought in a bottle), not sure if i spelled this correctly, but i'm sure if you are older; this product was put on us for scratches and other things, when we were children and you probably remember it. Anyways my daughter had a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot, and i applied metholade on it, and it did remove the plantar wart. I believe i only had to apply it 2 or 3 times, and it was gone. Old rememdies, like this truly does work; even the bread and milk poultice for removing infection and healing them on various things; our grandparents and parents knew this and did this; sure saves on doctors bills. Heavenly Father put these things on earth for our benefit! I still use poultices on my family and grandchildren.

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