Pink Eye Remedy

For PINK EYE, we use Extra Virgin olive oil (we keep a small, extra bottle around for medicinal uses- but be sure your bottle is kept very clean or is new]. I get a clean cotton ball or sterile gauze pad, hold it firmly over the opening of the olive oil bottle and turn upside down 2-3 times to get the cotton fairly sopping. set the bottle aside. then using this on ONE EYE ONLY, gently wipe down over the affected eye so that it barely opens as you wipe over it-- leaving a residue of the olive oil on the edges of the lid to be spread naturally as the baby (or any age person) blinks afterward. If the pink eye is bad and their eye is really gunky and/or crusty i'll use the first cotton ball to clean up the eye and then re-apply just the olive oil with another, fresh cotton ball afterward. Use each cotton ball on ONE EYE ONLY or you will spread this highly contagious infection to the other eye. Even when the 2nd eye is also infected, it is still best to keep all the germs separate. For the 2nd eye, repeat this treatment on another fresh cotton ball.
Repeat this as often as needed throughout the day; I usually do every hour or two to start. At first, the wonderful healing properties of the oil will cause the eye to drain and you'll have to do it often! Then as the infection is leaving, you'll need to do it less and less. You'll see when you need to repeat treatment. We have used this remedy for my own 5 children and many relatives for over 20 years. IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

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by: Anonymous

When we were kids my parents always used Boric Acid in a blue bottle with container on top specifically for washing of the eye. Not sure if Boric Acid is made anymore but it cleared our eyes up in a couple of days.
This sounds safer.

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