by heathenann

I suffer from chronic pain, since a bad motorcycle accident in 1982. After 32 years and 36 operations on my leg I convinced the Dr to amputate below the knee. It helped alot but after so many surgeries, which involved borrowing bone and muscle tissue from other areas of my body I still have hip, knee and back pain. So tired of the chemical pain killers, I decided to help myself by making a THC tincture. It has been a life saver for me and I have shared with scoliosis suffer, she loves it too and wants me to make more for her. I took an ounce of organically grown dried marijuana, put in a Mason jar with two cups of liquid coconut oil, put lid on. Turn on Slow cooker with 4"of wate, put a cloth on the bottom, put the jar of herb and oil in the slow cooker, cook for six hours, remove from the slower cooker allow to cool for four hours, repeat this method two more times. Strain off after last cooling and put into dark glass bottles. It is so amazing, I don't use any thing else. Works great on migraine headaches too.

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