by Pam Lake
(Cardiff, Wales, UK)

I've just been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my hands. I live in the UK and Solomon's Seal products are not available here. Because of this I want to make my own in an oil base as you can buy organically grown root (just not the finished product). I'm unsure about quantities - do I fill a jar full of chopped root and then make sure it is completely covered with oil? and for how long? Also having read on your site that Horsetail is a useful combination what proportion of this should I use with the Solomon's Seal? Any advice would be gratefully received

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Oil Herb Proportions
by: HFHR

Hi Pam,

The general rule of thumb is to fill the jar 1/3 full with dried herb or 3/4 full with fresh. I would try the crock pot when you get your Solomon's seal, (the little dipper kind works nicely) method because I'm sure you'll want to use it asap. Have you tried castor oil? That's worth a shot also!

Good luck to you!

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