oregano oil is helping me BUT only in safe quantities

by Lucille

My rash, v e r y itchy little red spots growing to egg size, started at my legs. The rash expanded, moving slowly higher. When it nearly reached my breast line I got scared. My doctor thought of a fungal origin – and I think he was right - but orthodox medicine did not help. I think I found a remedy: I am treating the problem by adding essential oregano oil - PREDILUTED in ordinary olive salad oil - to my bathwater. Safe use seems to be vital for essential oregano oil. Beforehand, I prepared a little bottle for the whole treatment: 2 parts of olive salad oil adding 1 part of essential oregano oil. For each bath I take only 3 (!)drops from the bottle with a pipette and add them to the bath. To have the oil easily dispersed in the tube I add some drops of my bath and shower gel as well. I take a bath every two days but only for 10 minutes. I find it extremely effective though. I’m 6 weeks later now. There is no more itching, the rash turned from its originally red colour into a vague light brown and many spots have already disappeared. The first times I felt quite tired – even after 10 minutes’ bathing. Essential oregano oil is strong but now I do not need to rest anymore.
I found some valuable information on following site. Maybe it could interest you as well. Love Lucille. http://www.candida-cure-recipes.com/oregano-essential-oil.html

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