Oregano Oil for Cold Sores

My quickest and my favorite remedy is oregano oil. It zaps the life out of the cold sore. Immediately!!! It burns, but the sucker shrinks and dies so fast. Its a small wound for about 4_6 hours but thin it dries so quickly and beautifly. That is when I observe and see if I need to give it another dose. Most times not because I catch them young. But if no dose is required then I apply dabs of coconut oil to moisturize. Which is amazing because you fight the virus as well and your skin has a quicker shedding phase once the coconut dries the bad akin it literally hanging for dear life. I remove the visibly flaky skin with tweezers. You won't feel a thing because it will be completely dead and the coconut oil has lifted it. At this point I continue to apply coconut oil and remove the dead skin. Again its completely dry and ready to go with no pus!! But yet have no reason to move until you do it yourself. No scares no marks no nothing will be left but your nice beautiful lipa. I've tried it all and this is my happiest and quickest way to go. I also apply two drops with coconut oil to the base of my neck.. This helps boost the immune system where the type 1 virus hides. Good luck all!! Please try I've found no other way the use like I wasn't stoppingy life to deal with anything as stupid as a shameful cold sore.

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