Opinion on Salt

by George Z
(Calgary, Alberta)

Please cut out the hype, the table salt I buy has traces of iodate, sugar and starch in it and that is all, I checked with the manufacturer. Did you check how many present day sea water contaminants, like dioxins, make it into your "superior" sea salt. Also, if you relied on your sea salt as a source of other minerals, you would have to eat pounds of it to provide you with what you need. If you like sea salt for its taste go ahead, but don't get hysterical about table salt, it is a sea salt from millenia ago.

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In Response
by: Jodi

Table salt is so processed and refined that it can't even be called a natural substance. Not to mention that we ingest far too much of it whether we want to or not. As far as contamination of sea salt here's a good article:


There's also a great book on salt by Dr. Barbara Hendel.

It's a 235-page book called Water & Salt: The Essence of Life. It describes in clear and certain terms the difference between table salt, unrefined sea salt and pure, natural Himalayan Crystal Salt.

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