Old Lugol's Iodine Remedy for Food Poisoning

by R.D.

Here's an old home remedy that has been around forever. It is said to kill salmonella, giardia and any parasite eggs in the stomach. It's also supposed to help with gas, bloating and heartburn. I, thankfully, haven't had the opportunity to try it but here's the recipe:

Don't try this if you are allergic to iodine!

1/2 glass of water.
Add 6 drops of Lugol's Iodine Solution.
Stir and drink completely

You should feel much better within an hour. Sometimes 2 hours later a second does of six drops in a cup of water may be used only if needed. Only use ½ dose for a child.

You should feel much better within an hour!

Comments for Old Lugol's Iodine Remedy for Food Poisoning

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needs to be more clear
by: Anonymous

You should be more specific about the dosage it comes in different dosages so 6 drops from 5% is different than 6 drops from 2%.

2% Lugol's Ioidine
by: Jodi

I would say that the 2% Lugol's Iodine is what's called for. The 5% solution is not even available in the U.S.

Will save money on hospital bills.
by: Anonymous

I'll have it on hand. I had food poisoning a few summers ago and it is no joke.

Another food poisoning remedy
by: HFHR

Activated charcoal is another good thing to have on hand. It can help with food poisoning or even just an upset stomach.

I used Lugol's Iodine for salmonella and it worked
by: Anonymous

I ate some meat that had been out too long and by evening I was ready to throw up. I took 2 drops of Lugol's in a glass of water. Within 30 minutes my stomach settled down in in 30 more minutes I fell asleep. No problems afterward.

I have also used it for a bladder infection. I took 2 drops AM and 2 drops PM for 10 days. Larger doses irritated my bladder.

Hulda Clark The Cure For all Diseases
by: Anonymous

This is the book to read up on all of it, and how it kills Salmonella from food poisoning and Shigellas from dairy. If you Belch, it has done it's job, but make sure to read up on how to do Salt loading also, if you do Lugols regularly, it can let loose Halogens, which can cause headaches, salt loading cleans the kidneys to eliminate the waste that's causing the headaches, most likely Bromides from breads. Avoid Bromated foods & beverages.

A lifesaver for food poisoning or stomach virus
by: Anonymous

Several years ago I ate something that had been out for a few hours and knew immediately that I could be in trouble. Not long afterwards I started feeling the food poisoning coming on. I did a desperate internet search because I had something planned for the weekend that I did not want to be ruined. I came across something about Lugols and happened to have some on hand. Within minutes I felt so much better. I never threw up and things were back to normal very quickly. Since then I have used the Lugols for both food poisoning and stomach viruses many times and each time the problem was stopped dead in it's tracks. My son is 7 and has only thrown up once when he was 2, before I discovered Lugols. Since then I have given it to him at any first sign of trouble - nausea or diarrhea - and it never went beyond the beginning stages. So grateful - everyone should have this in their home remedy kit!

Lugols antiseptic qualities
by: EdMahn

Iodine has been know as an antiseptic product for thousands of years. It was the discovery of penicillin that changed the world of Bug treatments.
This has been the worlds biggest con. Bugs can become resistant to penicillin and they have done.
Iodine on the other hand is total poison to bugs and viruses. Upon contact with a solution of Iodine they begin to die. There is no resistance. Nothing is more lethal to infections than Iodine. Lugols 2 or 5% strength should be a part of every first Aid kit. Treat any broken skin injuries by flushing area with Iodine solution.As 95% of the world's populations are Iodine deficient your body would benefit greatly from a few drops every week added to a glass of water.

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