Oil of Oregano healed my son

by Rene Close
(Pueblo West, Co USA)

My son returned home with an severe rash, from being stationed in Middle East for 2 year deployment. This rash covered over 90% of his body and was causing internal bleeding where he was reduced to having to wear sanitary napkins. This had been going on for over 6 months. He went to VA Hospital regularly and they would send him home with some medicines that did not work. At this point he was losing weight, could hardly move, not able to stand anything on his skin, warm/hot water could not be tolerated. Eating was extremely difficult and at times caused him to vomit. I truly believed he was not going to make it very much longer.
I had been praying and thought of King David where he used Hyssop. I was not sure what Hyssop was so I looked it up and it mentioned Oil of Oregano and felt that was what we were to use.
So I purchased some for external use, and some for him to drink internally. I rubbed him down 2x day along with him drinking 2 oz of diluted mixture each time.
By day 3 he said he was feeling better.
By day 5 the rash was reduced to about 60%.
By day 9 he stopped bleeding, plus rash down to about 20% of his body, worse places were under arms and where his clothes rubbed.
The next day my skeleton of a man hugged me and said that he wanted more than just some broths that I was making him for breakfast. He ate a veggie omelet with no problems.
By day 12 rash down to 2 spots size of half dollars, continued using both internally and externally for next 7 days.
To this day he is completely healed and it was all from using Oil of Oregano.

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Wonderful Story
by: HFHR

First of all, please tell your son thank you for his service! I'm so glad to hear of his healing!

Could you share what brand/type of oil of oregano you used? What kind of dilution was he taking internally? 2 ounces seems like a lot!

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