Now my Blood Pressure is Normal

by Nicole Lee
(Morro Bay, CA, U.S.)

at a lower weight

at a lower weight

I have had a history of high blood pressure for many years. I took Beta blockers prescribed by my primary physician to control it. They didn't always do the job to lower the blood pressure.

I bought a blood pressure monitor so that I could monitor my blood pressure at home on a regular basis.
I started eating more bright colored vegetables and fruits. I also weaned myself off of Lyrica and dropped 40 pounds!

I took up Yoga and took some walks frequently for cardiovascular health. Within about 3 months I noticed lower blood pressure readings. I weaned off of the Beta Blockers and still had great readings!

I am feeling great that I don't have to rely on those pills. I also know that taking a half teaspoon of cinnamon daily helps keep the blood pressure down and so does garlic! So much has helped me through this ritual.
I hope this helps others.

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