by Noelle
(Florida Keys, USA)

My first home remedy was an accident: I worked nights & got an evil flu, but was too ill to worry about going to a store to buy something. I was very hungry but all i had in the house was 1 can of tomato soup and six garlic cloves, so i put them together. I was so hungry that i could not wait for the soup to simmer and ate it warm. Shortly thereafter i began to sweat and retreated to my bed where i fell asleep. When i awoke all symptoms had gone and i felt great!

My second URI was also brutal - my brother made goldenseal tea and just kept pushing it on me. Within a few hours i went to emergency room and was examined. The doctor told me "you have something we have never seen before. We see abscess' in the throat, but we usually have to open them to drain but yours is already draining."

My experiences with home remedies is that they are more effective, less expensive, no side effects or drugs, and take effect more quickly.
Thanks for this site - i bookmarked it.

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