(Alabama USA)

I had a small booklet of old recipes.
I found a recipe for nervine tea for stress or a calming tea.
The ingredients were
1)sumac berries,I used smooth sumac berries
It was the most effective medicine I have ever used. I have in the past paid thousands of dollars for prescriptions for stress and anxiety. These ingredients are always my yard or cabinet.
My problem is the book was thrown away by mistake and I have no idea how much of what to use. Also if I ever get the recipe again, I would use whole nutmegs and grind them.
Please does anyone have this recipie or know enough about it to figure the amounts.
We could all use it here.
Thank you for any help you can give me and thank you for healing-from-home-remedies.
signed:Sressed Out

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Be creative and experiment with the recipe!
by: Anonymous

Hello! Just a suggestion. . I would use the Healing from Home Remedies recipe for the tea and then experiment with the addition of the nutmeg and cinnamon. Maybe even putting those spices in one of the paper tea bags or a small mesh strainer ball to
flavor so you wouldn't have them floating around in your tea and not dissolving. The amount of the spices is a matter of taste. It would be nice if you had your recipe but I wouldn't let not having the exact recipe keep me from using the tea. After all, it's the sumac berries that are the most beneficial for your nerves. Who knows, you may come up with an even better recipe!

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