need help for Cherish (horse)

by Barbie
(Morris, OK.)

My horse foundered last year. We have had trouble ever since with her hoofs. They say its from her walking the way she does. She has an infection on her front left hoof. Our ferried made a hole for it to drain and told us to put peroxide and bleach on it. She didn't let us do that for very long. So Now its back. I are puss and blood oozing out of the top of her hoof up where the hair starts. I know how to love a horse with my heart and soul but the vet bills get so expensive so I'm looking for something I can do for her. I am going to try the soap and sugar poultice on her and I will let you all know how it works. I don't want to lose her.

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by: elaine

Treat her with Urine therapy. It is also called amaroli , and also shivambu.
Make a compress soaked in the horses urine, and fix it to the injury with bandages and clingfilm to keep the urine in contact with the injury. Change the compress every 24 hours.

If the horse doesn't want to eat, don't force her to. Offer her her own urine to drink as well as fresh water each day.

Urine is NOT a waste product! It contains nutrients and antibodies that will cure her.

start this treatment ASAP!!!!

help for Cherish the horse
by: Abby Morgan

You say your horse foundered last year and now she has stuff oozing out from around the coronet (where hair meets hoof wall). This would probably be due to an inflamation of the laminae structure inside the hoof which can happen after foundering. The best thing you can do for this is keep the hooves clean, dry and reguarly trimmed. No shoes! See if you can find someone who specialises in Barefoot Trimming in your area. Horses hooves and legs are designed for running around on varied terrian without metal shoes nailed to them.
By clean I mean very clean with any and all debris and decay scraped away twice a day. The peroxide is harsh but is used to wash out decay and dry out the affected area. If you dont want to use that try quite salty water with some vinegar in to flush things with and then rub her legs dry with a towel and walk her around for a bit where the ground is dry.
Do you know why horses and ponies founder? It's generally because they are over fed and under exercised! Try not to love your horse to death :)

Help for horse
by: LuSinda

You could try a poultice (wrap around the whole foot and pastern
Use epsom salts and glycerin mixed

Before this hold the foot up, clean thoroughly and fill with chlorine. bleach or Trophic edible iodine
Hold for about 5 minutes (as long as the horse does not get figidity. Let dry and put the poultice on later. Will probably take several weeks.

I always used cold Lyme in the stall and on the manure pile. Make sure you use COLD lyme not hot.
Clean stall, dust with Cold Lyme and then add bedding.

I used the cold Lyme all the time.

Hope this helps


horse with hoof abcess
by: Anonymous

Homeopathic silica given internally at 1m potency will expel the puss and help create healthy hoof structure. Homeopathic secale 200c will help increase the blood flow to the feet making them less succeptable to abcess. SOaking in warm water and Epsom salts also helps draw the inflammation out. DIet for your horse is important, if she is prone to founder, lots of good clean hay fresh water, and exercise when she is sound. BLeach and peroxide too strong for wounds, they damage healthy tissue. Peroxide is ok to flush the hole of pus initially but don't use it regularly. Potassium permanganate (condys crystals) are the best hoof treatment for prevention. you can spray the sole and frog area and any cracks in the hoof wall to prevent bacteria getting into the sensitive areas. always check for little bits of grit or stones in the white line around the sole. GOod luck, abcesses are common and very curable and often an after effect of founder. PUt your horse on a good quality mineral supplement, this will help her immune system stay healthy
Janice CLyma
Equine THerapist

Get Help
by: Anonymous

What exactly do you mean by 'founder'? What exactly did the vet diagnose when this happened? It's very hard to make any sensible suggestions with so little information. Did the horse have navicular, laminitis, an abcess, or some other foot problem?

In general you treat an abcess as the vet has suggested - it sounds to me like you have more love than knowledge. I suggest you enlist the help of an experienced horse person to show you how to hold the horse so you can do what is necessary.

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