Need an animal remedy for a growth!

by Chris
(Pinon Hills, CA)

Our great dane had a lump that grew on her side. It had a very slight ooze. We took her to the vet and he operated on her side. He said it was very deep underneath and had to take out alot of flesh (leaving about a 12" incision!). I am now feeling another small lump about 8" away. Is there a poultice etc., I might try? Really worried about her and don't think cutting is necessarily the answer here. Thanks Chris

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Poultice for Dog
by: HFHR

Hi Chris, I would try the bread & milk poultice or the sugar & soap. The trick with animals is holding it in place. Place the poultice on at night and hopefully you're four legged friend won't mess with it as much. Good luck!

colloidal silver
by: Elaine in Spain

To supplement any poultice that you are using or any other medicine also give her 10ml colloidal silver 10ppm, 3 times a day. Either put it in her water or sprinkle it over her food.
If you want to read up on how it works and how effective it is (VERY effective!) check out this site, Educate-Yourself.
This is not my web site, but I found it incredibly informative.
hope this helps.

by: Delores

I cut myself on my finger and didn't have anything to clean it with, but I had hand sanitizer so I put some on (stung of course) and I started putting some on each day. That cut healed faster than any other cut I have ever had and it left no scar! (Stinging went away on the third day I put it on)

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