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I really needed a remedy for dry, brittle hair and found a wonderful, natural hair moisturizer using herbs and a couple easy natural, organic hair care tips!

My hair is thick but baby fine and suffers from extreme dryness yet gets the super frizzies whenever the humidity goes up. So frustrating! I've tried all kinds of products over the years but nothing seemed to be of much help until I discovered a simple herbal recipe and a couple easy tips.

1. Stop shampooing your hair every day! Even natural, organic shampoos can be drying. I have medium length hair and now use shampoo only about once a week and I seriously noticed a huge difference in less than a week! I still use a good organic hair conditioner everyday but just cut out the shampoo.

2. When brushing your hair make sure you brush your scalp too. This stimulates the hair follicles which promotes hair growth and releases natural oils from your scalp.

3. The following recipe is one of the best natural hair conditioning treatments I've ever used! Using my coffee press I added:

A small handful of dried
nettle leaf - (nettle is packed with vitamins and minerals)

An even smaller handful of dried marshmallow root - (this is the secret ingredient to adding moisture!)

I also added a few
calendula blooms from my garden - (calendula is a wonderful healer of the skin and also adds some blonde highlights)

After adding these 3 ingredients to my coffee press, I filled it with boiling water and let it sit overnight. In the morning I strained it into a plastic pitcher, brought it in the shower with me and used it as a final rinse.

I can honestly say I've never used a better natural hair moisturizer than this. My hair is softer and shinier than it's ever been and even my frizzies are tamed! This is not something you need to do everyday either. Depending on your hair you can use it once a week or maybe even once a month.

All these herbs can be found at any good Co-op or health food store. You can also find them at Mountain Rose Herbs online.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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