Natural Breath Fresheners


Note how clove seeds resemble teeth!

Note how clove seeds resemble teeth!

The following list of natural breath fresheners can be found in either your herb garden or your spice cabinet. Keep a small container of dried fennel seeds, cloves, gingerroot, anise seeds in your purse, car or briefcase! Chew fresh parsley, basil, thyme or mint leaves right from your garden or the garnish on your plate.


Mint (especially peppermint!)

Ginger Root (ginger root has many benefits to the belly!)

Fennel seeds


Anise seeds

Clove seeds (also great for toothaches. Suck on some clove seeds near the troubled tooth. It's not only antibacterial but helps numb the pain as well and you get fresh breath as an extra bonus!)


Juniper Berries

It's not coincidental that most of these herbs are also good for the stomach and digestion where bad breath can sometimes start! Try some fennel seed tea for indigestion. Steep a half teaspoon or more in a cup of boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. Totally yummy!

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