my cure for a sunburn is mustard

by karen p.
(butlerville, arkansas, usa)

I used to get really bad sunburned on my face and shoulders when I was a teenager and my mom would spread regular yellow mustard from the store on it and let it dry. When it was dry the burn would be more like a tan. Works on burns up to second degree. She learned it from an old doctor in Lonoke, AR. It cools and sooths the burn, I still use it on my four children.

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Why mustard and apple cider vinegar heal sunburn skin
by: Norma

When our skin is sunburned FREE RADICALS form in our skin, and these are negatively charged chemicals. These are -OH ions.
Vinegar is acetic acid which gives +H ions,
So putting -OH + (+H)= H2O


Hip ! Hip! hooray!YEAH!
Mustard keeps vinegar in place, as it cannot easily run-off
Tissue paper soaked vinegar is super poultice! Wear it until it falls.

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