My Big Toe

by kay

I accidently ripped off the nail on my big toe and after it became infected, I initially drained the pus with a needle and applied tea tree oil. All was healing nicely but then I went out and danced for 3 hours resulting in a deeper infection and absolute agony. The problem with feet is that they get hot and sweaty so the problem would be aggrevated every time i put my shoe on. My solution was to soak my foot in warm water and cider vinegar until the water cooled. Then i made a poultice of half a cup of boiled milk, half a teaspoon of tumeric, and a bit of bread. I applied it as hot as I could stand it and wrapped it in cling film and a gauze bandage. I kept it on for about half an hour and my toe was transformed. The swelling was significantly reduced and the angry, and tender redness subsided. I repeated process next day and again enjoyed significant results. Really love natural remedies but would never have imagined a bit of bread an milk could be so it!

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