Moving Meditation

by Aaron

Great article!!

I have been and am a practicing martial artist...not the Monkey Man Action (MMA/UFC) for over 25 years. Although stagnate meditation is a great tool for improving ones over all feelings of well-being as well as having positive physical health benefits; some folks like myself appreciate a mix of modalities to keep things interesting while still giving your body and mind seated meditation benefits. I like to practice and teach my students what I call "moving meditation". This would be very similar to Tai Chi or Qi Gong, wherein breath and movements weave together. Seeking to avoid offending all the devoted practitioners, the honest truth is that you don't need to pay someone to teach you how to breath or move your body!

Let me be explain. Just begin by breathing deep and long without any force or strain; you can use the counting suggested in the article or just wing it and when ready allow your body to speak to you in a sense and you will notice a desire/want to slowly rotate a joint, or stretch a muscle by moving around (again slowly and softly) like a dance. The sounds of nature (or soft music), sunshine and a cool breeze will greatly enhance the experience!

Try it for just 3-5 min a day and see if you don't feel as free as a bird...maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd knew more than we thought:)** If your interested in lowering blood pressure try practicing this bare-footed on grass start slow and working upto 10-15 mins per day.

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