Mosquito Bite Anti-Itch

My family and I can be old fashioned at times. A lot of things my grandma tells us is effective and I use it often. Some things include using peanut butter to get gum out of your hair or sap off your hands. There are many things that she tells us, and I'm grateful.
Two of the most-used things that she has given us are both for mosquito bites. The first thing was to apply toothpaste and let it dry on the mosquito bite. That works well but can sometimes take a while. The other thing she told us was to use a knife or our nails and put an X on the mosquito bite. Of course, this way does hurt a little. You should never make an X deep so you bleed. You are just lightly making an indent on the bite.
Those are some of the things my grandma showed my family, and all of them work terrific.

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