milk and bread for drawing out infection

by kathleen bradley
(Laporte in)

I had burned the backside of my le and I had no insurance of any and also was unemployed at the time. I would say it was a second degree burn or between 2nd and 3rd degree. I kept it clean but I noticed it started turning yellow and green infection was setting in badly. I was dating a man at the time who told me of his grandmother whom lived in Kentucky and was raise very poor about a home remedy she used for open wound infections ,well when he told me of what items she used i said no way! but my leg was getting worse so i gave it a try. You warm milk up and take bread ,and cut or tear pieces and put into milk soak it then drain the bread and cover the infected part then wrap with gauze, i left on over night when i woke i took the gause off and slowly pulled the now dried bread off and you could see all of the infection that was in wound on the dried bread. It worked! I couldnt beleive it, so I go with home remedies first always before heading to the doctors office.

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Milk & Bread Police - Infection & Slivers
by: Anonymous

I have had thumb infections since I was a little girl. My gramma made a bread & milk poltice to draw out the infection. Sonetimes just one application work well. Also, great to help remove deep slivers as well. But, you must repeat process over & over after the milk cools. The sliver will come to the surcface and be easly removed.

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