by Alicia
(Steinbach, MB, Canada)

I suffer a lot from migraines, to the point no store bought painkillers worked for me for anything anymore as my body had become so accustomed to them. Doctor prescribed meds were not working either and I would find myself consistently driving home a night after work with sunglasses on as vehicles and street lamps made it unbearable. I would have to confine myself in a room with no light, often getting physically ill difficulty seeing etc. I stumbled onto a recipe that I concocted years ago which has worked wonders for me. I drink it as a tea,
sprig of mint for flavour
some honey if desired.
Not only does it get rid of my migraines it also helped me when I chipped one of my teeth and multiple pain problems. I find its my go to recipe now for pain killer solution, even my toddlers will drink it. Not to bad once you get over the strange feeling of drinking liquid thanksgiving stuffing! *sMiLe*

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Migraines remedy
by: Anonymous

1.I use vitamin b-complex by shaklee it helps my headache.
2.Do regural sleep , avoid shift work and foods that cause migraines: cheeses,chocolate,soft drinks,citric acid,stress.
3.Use chaga chunks and boil and drink it - for immunity.

great cure I know of
by: Tero

I suggest to use Amol liquid herb extract.Just rub it in the head spot where the headache occurs. After that take a nap.It should help you.Amol cost is 18-35$. You can find it in some local European/Polish stores. www.amol.pl :)

my great cure
by: Markus

I just use Holy Basil (Tulsi) tea for migraines and insomnia. Works very well.

my great cure.
by: Anonymous

I use Organika Black Elderberry 450mg capsules , great cure for migraines imho.

the best thing for migraines

I recommend to use 200-400mg of magnesium glycinate in capsules. Glycinate=best body absorbion,and not laxative.It relaxes blood vessels.Also helps with irritability, nervousness, muscle cramps and sleep. Magnesium removes calcium from the body so I recommend to eat some foods with calcium in them.

Vitamin B2 riboflavin helps headaches too (25-75mg dose is good).

Cure the cause not the symptom:)

please try.
by: World of true

Around 40% of people who have migraines are deficient in vitamin D3.Supplementation is needed either in food or pills.
Good luck:)

I recommend
by: Armani&Ghost

Nordic Naturals fish oil is anti-inflamatory and helps with headache.

helpfull things.
by: Anon

I use ginger tincture and mangesium.

-passion flower
-white willow bark ( used to make aspirin)

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