Make your own Oil of Oregano

Herbalist, Tony Pantalleresco, shows how to make homemade oil of oregano using pure, high quality essential oils.

Tony's oregano recipe includes:

1 ounce of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil
1-2 drops of organic oregano essential oil

The best medicinal oregano is Origanum vulgare and comes from the Mediterranean.

This is an excellent video that can save you oodles of money!

Comments for Make your own Oil of Oregano

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nicely done
by: Anonymous

you saved me from buying bales of oregano, thank you very much. nice presentation.


how often do I take it in a day
by: Debby

I have been told I have a fungus infection in my blood. The doctor had me take Difulcin and it did help. Now the doc say's to go natural so I will not damage my liver. I came across this sight and made the oil of oregano. So my question is how many times in a day do I take it and for how long? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you

anyone recommend a supplier?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a link they can share to overseas herb supplier of orgenao oil to make this? All i can find is from US.

Fungal Infections
by: Anonymous

To the person who has the fungal blood infection. I struggled with fugi from 1997 until early 2014. I had it everywhere... we are talking genitals, fingers, toes, mouth, blood. Getting sick meant I would have an onset of fungus that would near put me in the hospital.

I met a 1/2 mongolian 1/2 chinese woman who's aunt taught her natural cures to administer medicine in the mongolian countryside. She stopped me on the street one day out of the blue and told me to come see her. She told me what she did. I'm not sure why even now but I ended up following her to the grocery store and then to her home (my eyes are full as i write this.. it was life saving). 5 weeks later I felt like I had a new body.

Raw, filtered coconut oil. I ate it, rubbed it on my skin, cooked with it, pretty much slept with it. The pain and itching of the fungus stoped within two days... after that it was just healing for 5 weeks. I did have 3 times hwere the fungus tried to make a comeback when it sprouted up on my rear end but I quickly slathered up and they went away. It's been over a year now. good luck.

does anyone know

Does anyone know if I can use my oregano that I have been growing for 2 yrs. Its like a bush and gets bigger every yr. I tried smashing it up and putting it in EVOO and leaving it sit for 3 weeks. But it didn't do anything. I shook it every other day. I cant afford to buy the Oreganol P73.

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