To Treat Many Skin Ailments!

Yarrow makes a great poultice to stop bleeding

You can make a poultice to draw infection, treat boils and abcesses, relieve inflammation or a rash or simply draw the poison from a bee sting!

What is a poultice? A homemade poultice is made by mashing herbs, plant material or another substance with warm water or natural oils to make a paste. The paste can be applied directly to the skin and covered with a piece of clean cloth. If the herb used is potent such as onion, garlic, ginger, mustard, etc., you may want a layer of thin cloth between the skin and the herb. The cloth can then be covered with plastic wrap to hold in the moisture. The poultice can be changed every 3 to 4 hours or whenever it dries out.

A compress is used the same way but usually warm liquids are applied to the cloth instead of raw substances. Tinctures or herbal infusions are great for compresses.

The list of ingredients to use for a homemade poultice is endless!

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Make a Poultice for Boils, Infections, Abcesses and Inflammation

The following poultice ingredients have properties to draw out infections reduce inflammation. These poultices can even be used to treat chest congestion, hemorrhoids and earaches. Don't forget that you can use poultices or compresses on your pets and livestock also!

  • Onion Poultice- mash raw onion and mix with warm water or organic plant oils. You may want a thin layer of cloth between your skin and the onion.
    Watch a video on how to make an onion poultice here. (More instructional videos can be seen at the bottom of this page)

  • Potato Poultice- Grate a raw potato and make your paste! A potato poultice is good for inflammation and eye troubles such as conjunctivitis.

  • Mustard Poultice - Mash some mustard seeds, mix with natural oil or water and apply. Use thin cloth between paste and skin. A homemade mustard poultice is very powerful and can burn your skin if applied directly.

  • Plantain Poultice- Plantain is a commom weed that has great drawing power. Mash the fresh weed for the paste or use a tincture as a compress. See the Insect Bite Remedy Page for more information on plantain.

  • Activated Charcoal

    - Super absorbing properties!

  • Comfrey Poultice - Comfrey roots and leaves have great healing properties especially where bones and ligaments are involved! Make a poultice out of comfrey for any aches or pains.

  • Tumeric

    Poultice- Organic Tumeric makes a great drawing poultice for boils and infections. For even better results take up to one teaspoon tumeric in a cup of warm milk along with using the external tumeric poultice. (Tumeric is also known as turmeric or curcuma.)

  • Cayenne Pepper

    makes a great compress for arthritis and many other aches and pains.

  • Bread and Milk poultice - These work very well for infections and boils. Simply heat milk and add a bit of bread, wrap in gauze or cheese cloth and place on cut or wound. Use as hot as you can stand it. Repeat a few times a day as long as necessary. It works pretty fast and often much better than over the counter products.

  • Lemon Balm Poultice - Lemon balm leaves make a poultice for small wounds, cold sores and insect bites.

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1. Snip or crush a small handful of comfrey leaves into a dish.

2. Pour enough boiling water on the leaves to cover them.

3. Mash into a pulp with a spoon. A pestle and mortar works great for this!

4. Let cool a little then spread the pulp directly on the affected area. Cover with gauze and bandage to hold in the poultice in place. Leave on for several hours.


Slippery elm has great healing properties and thyme is a great antiseptic. Try a plantain poultice for boils also.

1. Mash thyme leaves and cover with boiling water (same as comfrey poultice).

2. Pour off excess water and mix in 2 tablespoons of slippery elm powder.

3. Apply directly to the boil or enclose the pulp in gauze. Leave in place for several hours.

Make a poultice for insect bites and bee stings too. Click here for more information.

Learn how to make a poultice for warts and wart removal home remedies here!


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For poultices I boil small amount of milk , add small amount of vinegar until it forms a ball. Remove from stove , drain milk . Form warm ball and put …

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Poultice for earache and pleurisy. 
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I used a blank poultice for a nasty skin infection 
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Another Benefit of Flaxseed 
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A Mom of 7 boys 
I used a Bread and Milk poultice on a scratch from gardening. My Dr. opened it up and stuffed in gauze, after that treatment, it was still oozing stuff. …

I remember my mother used it a soap and sugar poultice on me when I was young, and I recently tried it on my 3 year old, with amazing success. …

I used a bread poultice for hangnail infection 
I had a small hangnail which became infected and had that pulsating feel to it. I boiled water, soaked a piece of bread in it, then placed it on the infected …

Ayurvedic Onion Poultice for Deep-Seated Coughs 
Ayurveda and natural health folk wisdom both recommend applying steamed onions to your chest if you're suffering from a stubborn, deep-seated cough that …

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It really works! 
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When I was a young girl I stepped on a rake & it almost went all the way thru my foot. I went to the ER that day & they cleaned it & dressed it. I did …

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