Make a Ginger Tincture


Do you have a ginger tincture brewing yet for the cold season ahead? Just started mine today but better late than never!

Ginger root is a warming herb and is great for just that, warming you up. It's also a great herb for fighting colds and flu, increasing circulation, arthritis, digestion and much more.

I love having a tincture on hand because tinctures (extracts) are so convenient. A teaspoon of ginger tincture in a cup of hot water with a little local honey and a splash of lemon juice makes a great cold and virus fighting tea.

If you don't have a tincture on hand you can make a ginger decoction by cutting up a 2" piece of ginger root and simmering it in 2 to 3 cups water for around 15 minutes. Let cool and you have a wonderful spicy, ginger tea.

To make a ginger tincture you need enough ginger root to almost fill a pint jar. Pack the glass, pint jar nearly to the top with sliced ginger root. Now fill the jar with 100 proof vodka. Cover it and give it a shake or two. Make sure all the ginger is submerged then leave the jar sit in a dark, cool place for 6 weeks. You can strain the ginger or leave it in but just make sure it stays submerged.

Now you have a convenient tea or medicine ready to go!

(Remember that ginger root is a blood thinner so use caution if you are on blood thinning medications)

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