Magnesium and Poison Ivy

by Jodi

If you easily and repeatedly pick up poison ivy there's a good chance you could be deficient in magnesium! I'm not sure if it will work as a cure but let me know if you try it. Magnesium supplements are very inexpensive so have some on hand this spring or try taking it beforehand and see if you are less susceptible.

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magnesium and poison ivy rash
by: Anonymous

I got the oil of possibly poison ivy on me a few summers ago. I tried to clear it up by myself, it spread. I ended up going to the doctor and he gave me a shot and prescribed pills. It finally cleared up. Now every summer I seem to get the rash somewhere on me. A friend told me many of us are low in magnesium, so I made a spray and started using it on my body. It softens my skin, and I use it as a deodorant under my arms. I was spraying it on my arms where the rash was again, and it is almost cleared up. I will have to remember this next summer, when I pick up some of the oil again! It really works!

Magnesium capsules worked?!
by: Anonymous

I had a severe case of poison ivy after coming in contact with the plant roots gardening. It was all over my hands forming large, raised, and welt-like blisters. I was having trouble sleeping at night so I tried Benadryl for the itching, which only helped minimally. One night during the poison rash, I had extremely restless legs so I took a magnesium capsule at bedtime. The next morning I noticed my poison had receded/dried up a bit. Curious, I thought. The next night I took another magnesium capsule because of how well it helped my legs and gave me restful deep sleep. It is one week later and my body has reabsorbed the poison! You can still see the darker pigmentation but it is not itchy and the raised patches are now flush with my skin surface and other blisters completely reabsorbed. I’m not new to poison ivy, oak, or sumac. I’ve been plagued by them my entire life and have gotten good at scrubbing after exposure. I’m not sure how it worked, but it did!

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